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Corazón is an assembly that was specially created for those who love wine. It´s born from the essence of grapes of Almahue, intense and concentrated..
It is a magical wine, that beats and reminds us of the compass that moves our hearts.

La Confundida

Carmenere, flagship variety of Chilean wine, that was lost in the world for centuries and only 20 years ago it was discovered in Chile. , La Confundida was confused during a long time in the Merlot variety vineyards.

El Consentido

Wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon variety, which is the most widely planted and consumed in Chile. Preferred by many, it´s never absent from the table, and this is why this wine is "El Consentido" (The consented one).

The Enjoyer

Maceration pre-fermentation for 10 days. Fermentation at temperatures between 24-26ºC. Overs were performed to extract aromas, flavors and tannins from the grapes. Fermentation at temperatures between 24-26ºC, for the polymerization of tannins, making them round and friendly. The wine was then racked into barrels, for malolactic fermentation.

The Winemaker

behind our wines

Marcela Chandia Chile diVino Label



Agronomist-Oenologist and Founder of Chile diVino, with over 20 years of experience making wine in Chile and abroad: New Zealand, South Africa, France, Portugal and the US.

In the year 2014 Chile diVino was created with the intention of sharing knowledge and educating, disseminating and positioning the Chilean wine (are her passion).

In the year 2015 she decides to create two premium wines:

La Confundida; a Carmenere 100% from the terroir of Almahue, Honoring the moment of the discovery of the Carmenere in Chile, when this dear homeland emblem was confused with it´s cousin Merlot. And el Consentido; 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, strain most widely planted and consumed in Chile. Preferred by many to whom it´s never denied at the table. Hence its name El Consentido - The Consented One.

Marcela´s most recent project is a premium assembly; Corazón. A mixture of Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot, all from Almahue.

"In my wines I try to convey the characteristics of the origin of each at there best, adding a personal touch: that makes them cheerful and vibrant wines!

Every day I'm prouder of my country wines, and I can say that Chile is diVino (devine)!!”

Chile diVino

Where to find Chile diVino Wines


  • De Blancos a Tintos
    Avenue Paul Harris 1118. Local E. Chillán
    Get directions
  • La Viñatería
    Miguel Ramirez 280. Rancagua
    Get directions
  • Santiago Wine Club
    Rosal 386, Barrio Lastarria, Santiago Centro
    Get directions
    Av Alemania 0945, local 7 (Boulevard Casino Dreams), Temuco
    Get directions
  • Republic of La Parra
    San Martin 379. Pinto Square, The Angels.
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    Los Canelos 70, San Pedro of La Paz, Conception.
    Get directions
  • Wine & Market Patagonia
    Magallanes 46, Puerto Natales.
    Get directions
  • Fifth Barrel
    Of. White wake 1927. Local 9, ConCon
    Get directions
  • The Vinocracy
    With a shaker 3470, Ñuñoa
    Get directions
  • La Cava del Barrio
    Of. Italy 1449. Local 11, Providencia
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