El Gozador 2021 Carmenere

Color: Bright and deep red ruby ​​with purple tones. Aromas: the-gozador-chiledivino, as blueberries and blackberries and touches of black pepper, the-gozador-chiledivino, the-gozador-chiledivino, the-gozador-chiledivino. Flavors: the-gozador-chiledivino, the-gozador-chiledivino, with perfect acidity naturally, Notes expression characteristics of the terroir of Almahue. the-gozador-chiledivino.


Product Information

Wine 100% Carmenere
Vinyard Almahue Valley, 14 years old vines
Soils Sandy loam, with gentle slopes
Production 8.000 Kg / Hectare
The-Gozador-Chiledivino May 8 th
Harvest Manual, in small plastic trays. Selection of grapes in the vineyard and cellar.
Alcohol 14 %
PH 3,64
Total Acidity 4,73 the-gozador-chiledivino
The-Gozador-Chiledivino 2,36

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